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Electrical Compliance – Your Right to Safe and Hassle-Free Installation

It is important to know your rights when it comes to electrical compliance. The Electrical Installation Regulations Act of 2009 regulates who is authorised to carry out electrical work as well as issuing Certificates of Compliance (CoC) and Test Reports so as to protect the users of electricity. It is important for consumers to understand what this means for them in order to remain compliant to electrical usage and ensure they are protected from liability.

You have a CoC but your installation is not functioning properly.

It is very important for consumers to understand that CoC’s and Test Reports ensure the safety of an installation but not necessarily the functionality. A property may have plug points or light switches that do not fully function while still being certified as compliant.

To ensure the quality of the work request your contractors registration documents from the Department of Labour and always use a contractor registered with the ECB(SA) (Electrical Contractors Boards South Africa) as they will mediate disagreements between contractors and clients and guarantee the work of their members up to R15,000.00

You would like to transfer your Certificate of Compliance when selling your home

You are only allowed to transfer your CoC and Test Report if they are less than two years old otherwise the electrical installation will have to be retested to ensure you are selling a property that excludes you from liability and complies with regulations.

Does CoC cover your appliances?

The Certificate of Compliance and Test Report encompasses the point of origin (DB Board) to the outlet and thus does not include external appliances such as air conditioners, lights, geysers, stoves etc but does include the fixed wired appliances like distribution boards, light switches, socket outlets and wall mounted isolators.

For more information please contact Amlec and speak to a certified electrical contractor for more professional advice. We offer a range of electrical services and only employ certified contractors to ensure your experience with us is stress free.

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The Pitfalls of Cheap Alarm Equipment

It may be a tempting idea to purchase a cheaper alarm system. It is never a good idea to settle for inferior quality when the safety of yourself and your family is at stake. Over and above the standard security concerns, cheap alarm equipment can also be more time and money than it’s worth in the long run when it malfunctions and needs to be replaced earlier than quality equipment.

Here are some factors to consider before you spend money on a cheap alarm system.

Standard security concerns

Passives infraRed. Cheap detectors are easy to avoid and criminals know how to avoid detection by cheaper equipment. Everything they need to know is freely available on the internet. This equipment does not normally provide for cats, dogs, masking and unstable conditions. Battery – Cheap batteries are as good as no battery after 6 months and no battery=no alarm. Panel – Did you ever try to squeeze a cow into your Golf’s boot?  How can you squeeze your security into a small panel?

What if the alarm does not detect intruder and the insurance refuses to honor your claim?

Even worse, what if alarm not pick up the intruder and your family gets attacked?

False Alarms

There is no such thing as a false alarm. Either it is a system/device malfunction, triggered deliberately or badly installed by an inferior technician.

Cheap equipment is more likely to malfunction and create false alarms.

If you are connected to a security company false alarms mean having to call or receive calls from the company or having an unexpected visit from a security guard in the middle of the night.

Incorrect Installation

Generally when purchasing cheap alarm equipment, either you or a junior technician will be installing the system. This often leads to situations where incorrect methods of installation are applied.

When buying alarm systems rather talk to Amlec about providing quality equipment and having it professionally installed for a stress free home security experience. Trust your security to a SASSETA accredited provider and don’t spend sleepless nights battling your alarm system.

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The Dangers of DIY Alarm Systems and Private Installers

Tough economic times often means making cut backs. What quicker way is there to save a few pennies than to opt for the cheaper installer. This is fairly simple in saving you money, however when it comes to the safety of yourself and your family it is almost never advisable to use a private installer.
Lower Quality Materials

Private installers might use devices which are generally cheaper because they are purchasing inferior devices or devices that are not suitable or sustainable to the consumers needs and environment. The danger that is paramount and often overlooked is “what guarantee” does the consumer have when this private installer is no longer around and answerable.

All alarm systems require maintenance at some point. If the system has been installed by a private installer chances are there are not very many reputable companies are willing to accept the liability of maintaining a system they had no part in installing. This means should something go wrong you are under pressure to either fix it yourself or call out a reputable company that will want to re-install a quality system which is done by maintaining supplier and industry spec.

Due to a lack of industry policing, private installers are not governed. Do not wait for an insurance claim or worse, a burglary to find out your system is inadequate.

Questionable Installers

Often people have systems installed by private individuals only to find their house has been broken into a few weeks or months down the line. A private individual is accountable to no one but themselves unlike technicians from reputable security companies. This means there is a higher chance of this individual scoping out your home, cataloguing your valuables and then creating a hole in the system they install just to bypass it later and steal your valuables.

Trust Amlec with your security needs instead of taking unnecessary risks with your safety. We are a professional security company who provide not only security systems but installation and 24 hour monitoring and armed response too. Trust certified professionals to install your system correctly the first time around and rest easy knowing your safety is in the hands of qualified professionals.