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Oct 9, 2014

Changing the Face of Home Security

You might think that installing a regular home security alarm system is all that you need to protect yourself against violent break-ins, but you would be wrong. While regular alarm systems protecting windows and doors, sensors protecting rooms and mobile panic buttons certainly have their place and uses on the security market, they are not the best that you can do for yourself and your family. While moving around your home you will need to deactivate your sensors and carry your panic remote with you as your only form of protection, which makes you vulnerable.

The time to take your security seriously is now. Don’t become a victim of a break-in due to complacency. If you read the stats of how many homes are broken into while people are within the actual house, you will be absolutely shocked. What’s the solution? How can you protect your family and loved one’s better while they are at home? Is there a security system that is better than that of your regular alarm rigged to armed response? The answer is yes! At Amlec we are changing the face of home security one step at a time, and this time we have taken leaps and bounds to bring you transparent burglar guards. Now these aren’t just any burglar guards – they offer unique features that you need to hear about.

Features of our transparent burglar guard system at Amlec:

  • Each transparent burglar guard has an integrated alarm sensor. This provides physical protection against intruders and will also trigger the alarm when tampered with.
  • The burglar guard sensors can remain armed at all times as they cannot be set off by insects, animals or even cleaning of the windows. 24/7 protection can thus be provided to you and your family within the home.
  • Transparent retractable security gates are also available and these too can be connected to any alarm system.
  • The fact that the burglar guards are transparent also adds to the aesthetic appeal and increases the value of your property as a result.

While these security products are being snapped up by the market both locally and internationally, can you really sit back and afford your home to be left as the most vulnerable on the street? Contact us at Amlec for more information on this security system today.



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