In Cape Town, and South Africa, there are various By-laws in place governing the supply and use of electricity. In this day and age it is the responsibility of the property owner to apply for and hold the account for electricity supply, even if there is a tenant occupying the premises. The owner is thus responsible for the conduct of the account. The City of Cape Town’s By-laws for electricity were approved by the council on the 27 May 2009 and further amended on 31 March 2010. These By-laws were then promulgated on 16 April 2010 and govern all electricity supply and usage in the city / area.

Some of the various By-law terms include the following summarised points:

  • Only the authorised service providers may supply electricity in designated jurisdictions. Third party suppliers may operate within the jurisdiction only under the consent of the service authority and if the requirements of the Electricity Regulation Act are met. Keep this in mind when choosing a service provider.
  • No person can use electricity from a service provider without a written contract or agreement in place. The owner of the property where the electricity is being illegally used will be responsible for the cost of the electricity usage.
  • Property owners must apply for electricity supply by completing application forms made available at the supplier’s office. The application should include details of maximum demand in kVA and must be submitted with an identity document as well as a deed of sale or proof of ownership of the property. All applicants will also undergo a credit check.
  • Service providers are typically allowed to do the following in the municipal areas of the service authority:
    > Supply, establish and further maintain electrical services.
    > Acquire, construct, enlarge, extend, divert, maintain or repair electricity supply mains.
    > Destroy, close up or discontinue electricity supply mains.
  • Property owners must give service providers reasonable access to property to work on, maintain and repair any electrical service.

These are just a few of the amended revisions and points that you will find on the City of Cape Town’s By-laws for Electricity. When selecting an electrical service provider it is essential that you choose to work with one that conforms to these and additional By-laws. At Amlec we work in accordance to the By-laws and are also accredited by several large bodies and associations that certify we are a reputable company operating within the electrical industry.