It is important to know as a homeowner how much of the responsibility lies on your shoulders when it comes to electrical compliance. The fact is that after one has been issued with their electrical compliance certificate the onus is entirely on your shoulders to maintain and ensure that the electricity in your home does not pose a threat to anyone.

There are a few things one should be aware of and check on a regular basis in order to ensure no incidents occur which may mean accepting liability for electricity not being utilized correctly and insurance possibly being rendered void on the premises.

  • Try to ensure that at no time the appliances plugged into one outlet or on one circuit exceed 1000 watts, such as an air conditioner and a dishwasher. You can find out the wattage from the instruction manual or on the appliance itself.
  •  Ensure that items like gate motors, stoves,  geysers and any other stationary appliances which are permanently attached by fixed wires are controlled through an isolating switch.
  •  In the event of a fire it is most important to ensure a CO2 extinguisher is readily available as water conducts electricity and in the event of an electrical fire could result in electrocution.
  •  Ensure your tumble dryers’ lint filter is clean at all times as a blocked filter could cause an internal fire setting fire to not only the lint but all the clothes in the drum.
  •  A clean home is important for the electrical safety of your premises. Spider webs, dust and the like are an invitation for electrical fires.
  •  Ensure all your appliances bear the approval rating and seal of an accredited testing laboratory such as SABS.
  •  Make sure your electrical contractor is registered and a member of the ECA(SA)
  •  Finally ensure that with any additional electrical work you have done on your premises you receive an additional compliance certificate or request an entirely new certificate for your premises. Failure to do so will lead to the original CoC and test report being rendered invalid.

Contact Almec if you are unsure about whether your house is compliant with current electrical standards and let us deal with any electrical repairs or new electrical services you need done on your premises.