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Electrical Compliance – Your Right to Safe and Hassle-Free Installation

It is important to know your rights when it comes to electrical compliance. The Electrical Installation Regulations Act of 2009 regulates who is authorised to carry out electrical work as well as issuing Certificates of Compliance (CoC) and Test Reports so as to protect the users of electricity. It is important for consumers to understand what this means for them in order to remain compliant to electrical usage and ensure they are protected from liability.

You have a CoC but your installation is not functioning properly.

It is very important for consumers to understand that CoC’s and Test Reports ensure the safety of an installation but not necessarily the functionality. A property may have plug points or light switches that do not fully function while still being certified as compliant.

To ensure the quality of the work request your contractors registration documents from the Department of Labour and always use a contractor registered with the ECB(SA) (Electrical Contractors Boards South Africa) as they will mediate disagreements between contractors and clients and guarantee the work of their members up to R15,000.00

You would like to transfer your Certificate of Compliance when selling your home

You are only allowed to transfer your CoC and Test Report if they are less than two years old otherwise the electrical installation will have to be retested to ensure you are selling a property that excludes you from liability and complies with regulations.

Does CoC cover your appliances?

The Certificate of Compliance and Test Report encompasses the point of origin (DB Board) to the outlet and thus does not include external appliances such as air conditioners, lights, geysers, stoves etc but does include the fixed wired appliances like distribution boards, light switches, socket outlets and wall mounted isolators.

For more information please contact Amlec and speak to a certified electrical contractor for more professional advice. We offer a range of electrical services and only employ certified contractors to ensure your experience with us is stress free.