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Evaluate your Alarm System

Many people do not realise the importance of evaluating their alarm system. What if you need to process an insurance claim and it is rejected? This is one of the major reasons why you need to assess and evaluate your system on a regular basis. While it is always advisable to acquire the services of alarm system installers to assist with such evaluations, there are a few checks that you can manage yourself.

The most important part of your alarm system is your panic buttons! Test each one and ensure your remote panics are working from the furthest point of your premises. This action will also test the communication to the control room.

Making sure that your system is flawless is important. The first thing to check is that you have working infra red sensors to pick up on human movement in all high risk areas. You should have magnetic contact switches installed at every door. All of the equipment that is installed should also be wired with anti-tamper circuits which protect against potential tampering 24 hours a day. All wiring involved should be concealed in a conduit.

To ensure that your transformer, radio, panel and keypad are protected too, you should have them covered by an infra red detector. Make sure that your alarm equipment and system is not in plain sight from the outside and ensure that all the attached items are properly mounted and secured by screws and wall plugs to always ensure the integrity of the system is not compromised.

It is important to check if that the mains transformer should be no less than 40VA. This must be surge protected too. If you are making use of the services of professional alarm system installers, get them to check that the system is not overloaded with too many devices on each zone and that the system has End of Line (EoL) resistors installed.

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