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Sep 16, 2014

Fire Safety and COC’s

Fire safety is something that has taken a back seat in South Africa for far too long. While building associations have strict standards in terms of designs and layouts for fire safety, South Africa seems to have been lagging behind. Now the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103, section A19 states the following; “The owner of a building shall appoint and retain one or more approved competent persons to undertake responsibility for the work associated with such regulations including inspections and certifications that may be required in terms of fire safety.” While fire engineers are not common in South Africa, one must still ensure that any building, especially public buildings have mechanisms and strategies to protect against loss of life and serious damage to assets and buildings due to fire outbreak.

An unfortunate amount of buildings in South Africa have been designed without the assistance or input of a professional fire engineer and this leaves many lives at risks. Many of these building owners have fire protection and safety features as an add on facility, which can make a difference, but cannot guarantee against fatalities and serious injuries, not to mention loss of property and assets which can cause a major financial strain on a business or household.

At Amlec we take the safety of our clients and their buildings very seriously. We have a variety of fire protection services designed to protect you in the event of a fire. We can also assist with obtaining certificates of compliance for fire safety for building owners. Our services and products are offered on a professional basis and we aim to ensure that each system installed is tested and monitored for the safety of our clients.

Fire safety products available at Amlec:

  • Automatic fire detection systems for early warning.
  • Manual fire alarm systems.
  • Voice evacuation systems ideal for businesses and buildings.
  • Emergency voice evacuation systems ideal for businesses and buildings.

We can professionally install your smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and monitoring systems to ensure that you have advanced warning of fire before it becomes out of control.

Contact us at Amlec for more information and advice on our fire protection systems today. info@amlec.co.za / 021 552 5308 / 033 342 9966


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