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Home Security

It is estimated that in 2015 alone, just over a quarter of a million homes in South Africa were burgled. Since these were only cases that were reported, that figure could most likely be considerably higher. The statistics are startling, but they highlight the fact that burglary is a crime you need to be aware of. We’ve compiled some information to drive this awareness and help you protect your home and family.

Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems. The presence of a security system influences their decision to target a home.

Safety Tip: Get a monitored home security system to help reduce the chance of being burgled. Use signs and window stickers to alert potential intruders. Make sure the signs and stickers are visible from every approach to your home.

Most criminals can burglarize a home in less than ten minutes. Burglars look for homes that are easy targets. That’s why it doesn’t take long for most intruders to break into a house, get what they want, and leave before being noticed.

Safety Tip: Strengthen your home’s defense by getting a home security system, keeping all entrances closed and locked, and installing a high-quality front door.

Burglars usually go to the master bedroom first. Unfortunately, most people don’t hide their valuable items carefully, and burglars know it. Once they break in, burglars head straight for the master bedroom, where they look through drawers and nightstands, look under mattresses, and search cupboards. Cash, jewellery, and weapons are some of the things a burglar wants most from your home.

Safety Tip: Store your valuables in a safe that’s bolted to the floor, or hide them in unlikely places.

A surprising number of burglars enter through the front door. Whether they walk through an open front door or crow bar their way in through a locked one, burglars aren’t shy about using your home’s primary entry point.

Safety Tip: Keep your front door closed and locked at all times. To enhance your home against a burglar, use a quality lock set with a heavy-duty deadbolt, mount a security camera or motion sensor light above the door. Never give your house key to workers or hide a key outside your home.

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