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Jul 8, 2014

How Energy Efficient is My Home?

Energy efficiency in the home is something that is promoted by leading electrical contractors across the country. Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment and save on costs at the same time, and with the right systems, products and approach, you can do exactly that. There are a number of systems in the home that can cause a drain on the national grid as well as your pocket, but there are ways to save too.

  • Heating – home heating can carry most of your electricity bill’s costs. You can save in the following ways:
    • Geyser timer – By investing in a geyser timer you can limit the amount of hours that your geyser is on each day, and you will certainly see a difference in your overall electricity consumption.
    • Load shedding devices for stove, geyser and other high consumption appliances – Implementing your own home load shedding where appliances such as geysers, stoves and underfloor heating can be turned off during peak periods is a great way to save on your heating costs as well as saving cash.
  • Lighting – every home needs sufficient lighting at night and you can save on the costs of electricity if you remember to switch off lights in unused rooms, and also if you consider various lighting alternatives and options such as:
    • Dimmers – these use less power to create soft lighting. Perfect for the bedroom or lounge.
    • Occupancy sensors – these detect presence through motion or sound. If someone enters or is occupying a certain area the light will come on, or when the space is vacant then the lights will switch off automatically.
    • Daylight sensors – these are able to sense when it is daylight and no lighting is required. During the day it will switch off and only come back on when it is required – during the night.
    • LED’s – this type of light uses minimal power and can be operated by battery. LED lights also last for a great deal longer than the average light bulb.
  • External – various items are required to be run outside of the home too. If you want to save on costs, consider the following:
    • Irrigation timer – by installing an irrigation system that can be fitted with a timer you can save on the costs to run the system as well as your overall water consumption.
    • Pool pump timer – a pool pump can be a major contributor to your electricity bill, especially if it is left to run all day. By fitting a timer to the pump you can ensure that the system runs efficiently and without costing too much.

It is important to take on the services of professional electrical contractors when looking to make changes or convert certain areas in the home. Chat to us at Amlec for more useful information and advice.


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