Other Services

Ever since our inception, Amlec has been committed to provide their clients with exceptional service.
Should you have an emergency and no time to look for reliable servicemen, call Amlec and we will source
the best person from our list of reputable professionals.


Handy Man




Ambulance Services

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Client Escorting


Fire Services

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Crime Policing Services

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Road Side Protection

Handy Man

Need a hand?


Whether you need help with small home maintenance jobs like cleaning the gutters or larger repairs like fixing a leaky ceiling or repainting the house, using a Handyman can be very convenient.


Got a leak? Let us take a peek!


Through joint venture partners, our independent contractors will have you flushing away your plumbing nightmares 24 hours a day.

Ambulance Services

Need urgent medical transport?


Ambulance Services are provided through a Service Level Agreement with KwaZulu Private Ambulance Services to give Amlec’s Clients UNLIMITED Emergency Medical access at the Client’s normal place of residence or business covered through Client’s Monitoring and Armed Response Services payable to Amlec.

Client Escorting Services

At just 2 hours’ notice Amlec’s Reaction Officers will escort our clients to and from their destination – be it for banking or just personal safety late at night.

Road Side Protection

On request from a Client, our reaction officer attends the scene of the vehicle breakdown or collision until the client feels safe or their vehicle is removed.

Crime Policing Forums

Amlec is always proactive in assisting Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Community Policing Forums when the need arises and is actively involved in community safety.

Fire Services

Just a phone call away. Amlec’s Control Room can arrange to send the Fire Department to your premises should one have the misfortune of a fire incident.

Our Control Room runs 24/7/365 and is just a phone call away to suit your every need!

Terms and Conditions apply.

Electronic Security Services

For information on our Electronic Security Services such as Alarm Systems, CCTV, Fire Detection Installations and Electric Fence Installations see our Security Services.

Electrical Services

For information on our Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Energy Efficiency Solutions,
Back-Up Power Solutions and Turnkey Projects, see our Electrical Services.