Our projects-At a glance

Amlec is actively involved in large-scale commercial projects, successful government tenders, and private residential construction projects in KZN and the Western Cape. Our track record and the calibre of clients we have served successfully are a point of pride for us, as we continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our business.

Project Name  Category Date Amount 
Warkick place Electrical/Security 2005 R1,380,000.00
The MET Electrical/Security 2005 R1,035,000.00
St Peters Square Electrical/Security 2006 R1,265,000.00
Atlantic Views Electrical/Security 2006 R1,380,000.00
Atlantica Electrical/Security 2006 R1,150,000.00
Hip Hop Plazza Electrical/Security 2006 R1,265,000.00
Nottingham Square Electrical/Security 2007 R1,380,000.00
Nautilus Electrical/Security 2007 R1,265,000.00
Flat Rock Electrical/Security 2007 R1,610,000.00
Norfolk Heights Electrical/Security 2007 R920,000.00
Seaforth Terraces Electrical/Security 2008 R920,000.00
Waverly West  Electrical/Security 2008 R2,185,000.00
Oceana House (lot 9 and 10) Electrical/Security 2009 R4,370,000.00
House Kenealy Electrical 2010 R816,500.00
Khayelitsha Multi-Purpose Center Electrical/Security 2010 R1,610,000.00
City Edge Electrical/Security 2011 R9,660,000.00
Taranga Apartments Electrical/Security 2012 R1,840,000.00
Elsenberg Solar Lighting 2013 R10,350,000.00
The Bastion Park Inn Hotel Electrical/ Energy Efficiency/ Fire Detection  2014 R16,042,500.00
Hermanus Community Day Centre  Electrical/ Security / Fire Detection  2014 R4,140,000.00
Nelson Mandela Museum  Electrical/Security 2014 R3,105,000.00
Tower 4 Civic Centre Electrical 2014 R1,495,000.00
Cape Town Stadium Change Rooms Electrical 2015 R402,500.00
Eskom- De Doorns Electrical  2015 R1,380,000.00
UWC Sports Centre  Electrical 2015 R3,536,250.00
Civic Center Tower Block Electrical 2016 R787,750.00
Gene Louw Traffic Center Electrical 2016 R833,750.00
Kempton Head Office Electrical 2016 R667,000.00
Abalone Guest House  Electrical/ Security / Fire Detection  2017 R634,800.00
Hermanus CDC Fire Detection  2017 R402,500.00
Hoogeind Estate, Upper Claremont No Category 2017 R1,040,750.00
UWC – Physics Building Electrical 2017 R470,200.00
CPUT- Norman’s Building Electrical 2017 R598,000.00
House Leppan Electrical 2017 R65,000.00
House-Furlong Electrical 2018 R280,000.00
House – Chamonix Electrical 2018 R90,000.00
House-Berry Electrical 2018 R260,000.00
House-Irving Electrical 2018 R100,000.00
House- Roux Electrical 2018 R80,000.00
The Martiniqe Electrical/ Security / Fire Detection  2019 R1,100,000.00
House-Peinke Electrical 2019 R130,000.00
House- Timberlake Electrical 2019 R120,000.00
Senzele Servic Station- Ulundi Fire Detection  2019 R62,690.62
Ultra City- Mvoti North  Fire Detection 2019 R50,406.70
Ultra City- Mvoti South Fire Detection  2019 R50,406.70
Solum Flats Electrical 2020 R2,300,000.00
17a Wheelan Street Electrical/Security 2020 R200,000.00
Paardevlei New Switching Station Electrical 2020 R2,000,000.00
Fezeka Fire Station Electrical 2020 R180,000.00