Our fire detection technology provides advanced warning of fires before they become large and dangerous for building inhabitants. Smoke detectors, monitoring systems, and sprinkler installations form part of Amlec’s fire detection service offering.


  • Fire alarm system design
  • Fire alarm system supply, installation and commissioning
  • Fire alarm system maintenance and extensions

Fire Detection Systems

  • Automatic Fire Detection System
  • Manual Fire Alarm Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems


  • Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority [PSIRA]
    • Instructors and all security grades
  • SAQCC for the Fire Industry
    • Designers – Level 5
    • Commissioners – Level 4
    • Installers – Level 2
    • Cablers – Level 1
  • Member of the FDIA
  • Member of the Fire Protection Association of South Africa
  • Registered SF contractor with Construction Industry Development Board [CIDB]
  • B-BEE Level 3