In a rapidly modernizing world on every front, it can often feel as if we are being overwhelmed by the demand for all the items that we own that we have to update, from our phones, cars, and computers. While sometimes the reason may be for status, very often it is due to outdated technology.

When it comes to our security systems this is often a very low priority on our list of modernizing our lives. However, are you saving money by not upgrading the system, or are you doing yourself a disservice and putting yourself, your family, or your business at risk?

Old technology is handing criminals an advantage on a silver platter. They have already modernized themselves with the latest technology, which in turn they will use to get around your old model systems.

So how will modernization improve the quality of our system?

Many people still keep a landline operational purely for the use of the alarm system using the telephone lines to send signals to the control rooms. The Tele-Link system.  If the landline is down, no signals get transmitted.

Other people are slightly more modern and use the FSK systems. With an FSK system- through the use of a Radio, signals are transmitted, however only on one frequency. Eight signals are sent out, after which the radio ceases to submit a signal and does not need an acknowledgment signal from the control room. Notifications of opening and closing need to be SMS’ed to you.

If you are wanting to go with the best and latest technology, that would be the GSM (with APP).

This user-friendly interface makes it simple to easily Arm, Disarm and view device status so that you can monitor and control your Home or Business Security System beyond the limitation of time and distance. Allowing the signal to roam between two specific cellphone networks and uses the strongest network to transmit a signal to the control room.

Should there be no acknowledgment of signals from the control room it will continue to send signals on each of the networks a total of ninety-nine times. Thus ensuring one way or another, on either of the dual SIMs, your signals reach the control room and reducing the chances of ever missing a signal again due to communication failures.

There is also a smartphone APP available that can be used to arm/disarm the alarm and which will receive notifications. The only downfall with this is the control room would is unable to ascertain who armed/disarmed the system.

When every second is crucial in an emergency, you have to ask yourself, does the cost of saving money outweigh the cost of potentially saving a life when it comes down to an emergency?