It is convenient and comfortable when you have outdoor protection and it is almost a vital requirement.

Without remote arm / disarm the system will allow you to enter through a specific door with sufficient time to reach the keypad and disarm the alarm system with a code. Keypads are expensive and therefore most homes only have one keypad situated in the bedroom. In a standard home the alarm system will allow you to move through the lounge and down the passage in 30 – 40 seconds. The burglar uses the same route to reach the keypad before the intruder is detected and the alarm is activated.

These days you need to consider the professional gangs that enter and leave your home within 5-10 minutes. It becomes dangerous to have a long interval before the alarm is activated. The same applies with commercial premises – and business owners usually want to know who armed / disarmed the system. Remote arm / disarm can be done for up to six different users.

With remote arm / disarm, confusion could arise as whether the system is armed or not. There will be a status light to indicate this. However, with a status light outside the premises, the intruder will know whether the system is armed or not as well. They will then be able to try their luck with a common strategy: They will ring the intercom to check if anyone is home, and if someone answers, they know that the alarm system is deactivated. If the intercom is not answered, the risk of a burglary is high and we do not need to elaborate on the consequences of this situation. Another way to know if the system is armed is to listen for the sound it will make once you activate it. This works on the same concept of a car alarm. One beep – the system is armed. Two beeps – the system is disarmed. This also ensures there is no remote jamming, as you can double-check you heard the correct sound when you pressed the button.

It is important to consult Amlec Security as we will ensure that everything is set up correctly and working properly.