Michael Gossmann

Business Owner

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Michael Eric Gossmann, founder and managing member of Amlec, certainly needs no introduction in the electrical, fire safety and security markets. As a man of integrity in all of these industries, Michael has excelled as a self-starter, dedicated businessman and mentor to more than just a few hundred people. In fact he has been actively involved in training and mentoring over 2000 people and has successfully found work for over 300 people.

With his goal orientated approach and dedication to non-discrimination on all levels, it comes as no surprise that Michael has been a committee member for numerous institutions. He has also been a trusted supporter of many organisations across a variety of industries.

For Michael, there is no such thing as a short cut and the only way around a problem is to work through it. His thorough problem solving skills and the ability to see opportunities, ideas and viable solutions that others too quickly overlook, have certainly earned him great success in his various business endeavours.

Those close to Michael in both a personal and corporate setting would describe him as passionate, enthusiastic and determined – and these qualities are confirmed in each and every successful business endeavour that Michael is involved in.

When it comes to character and integrity, Michael has it all and some to spare. The women on his staff complement applaud his commitment to empower women in the work place and allow them to gain an equal footing and say in the business world. His team describe him as having the ability to “see” beyond the ordinary person and strongly believe that this is what makes him such a powerful leader.

The malleable side of Michael’s character has been his contribution to various charity organisations and his unfailing will to support his staff during rough times. Michael finds great fulfilment in his business endeavours by sharing the glory and monetary rewards with his staff and colleagues – a trait not often found in successful businessmen.

Michael’s strength of character, determination and dedication towards success shines through in many of the stories he has shared about his youth and past with his team. One such story tells of Mike playing a tough game of rugby, against formidable opponents under adverse weather conditions. He took a huge tackle and whilst on the deck was faced with the choice to cry off injured or get up and tackle back – I think you all know what he did. Mike’s decision and actions on that day epitomise the boy he was and the man he was to become.

Michael places a great deal of emphasis on leading by example and as such has gone forth and earned himself the following accreditations, course completions and recognitions:

• Military training
• Electrical trade test qualification
• National certification for installation electricians
• Business administration for electrical contractors
• Estimating and tendering for electrical contractors
• NQF level 2-4 certificate in electrical engineering
• Commissioner of Oaths
• Assessor qualification
• Skills development facilitator
• Registered security service provider
• Security training instructor
• Diploma as a registered handgun instructor
• Certificate as a registered shotgun and rifle instructor
• Registered member of SAQCC Fire

While this list is impressive it is the least of positive qualities possessed by Michael Gossmann. As a man of his word, and his belief in everyone being entitled to chance and opportunity, he leads a fine example for those looking to excel in the industries that he works in.

To find out more about Michael and his skills / portfolio, kindly contact him directly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]