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Living up to our motto at all times

Dear Vanessa,
Hope to find you well and safe during these times.
My sister and I would like to place on record and praise 1 of your staff members Jairaj. He is always polite, efficient and professional. He always carries out our calls with urgency and ensures that the armed response is dispatched soonest. We would like to wish him many happy years ahead with Amlec.
Kind regards, Prani and Tess

Jason Mclennan – Postnet Athlone, Pietermaritzburg

Hi Neil, I would just like to commend one of your members on their great service, knowledge and being so humble whilst doing the installation. I will get his name wrong but maybe it was Bongi (Sbu) whom came from Peters Security to join your team. Wow he is a real asset to your company , keep up the good work he was very professional in the way he conducted business. kind regards, Jason Mclennan(PostNet Victoria Square)

Mr Q.Nortje – Ashburton

Dear Shakeela, Attached please find proof of payment for balance 50%. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amlec for the amazing service we have received so far. I will definitely be highly recommending Amlec to all my friends. Kind Regards Quinton

Justine Lees – Cape Town

Very neat work, great customer service. Overall a very good experience.

Mr S.Fourie, Claridge- Pietermaritzburg

Hi Jolene Yes thanks the guys were very professional and knowledgeable.Been an pleasure dealing with you guys so far. Thanks for your help and please thank the guys for their professionalism. Regards Sean Fourie.

Mr Barnsfield – Pietermaritzburg

I refer to the above and the call out at 12H36 on the 2nd instant. I would like to commend and congratulate Officer Jason on his vigilance and assistance in serving the premises at No. 19 Drummond Street, Pietermaritzburg. The rear security gate and door were open and unlocked. I am certain that his diligence in the execution of his duties prevented a major loss of computer and electronic equipment to Mtimandze Projects.

Johan van Jaarsveld – Pietermaritzburg

Good afternoon Manil As discussed at your office this morning, we would like to commend your Technicial personnel who attended to the request at 26 Croft Road, Lyndor Gardens, Estate Late Ms Elna van Jaarsveld. The Team Leader, Raj, was very professional. His workmenship is excellent. Once again it is only a pleasure to deal with your company.

Linda, Delta Driving School – Pietermaritzburg

Thank you very much. Your prompt efficient service was appreciated.

Shane Moodley – Pietermaritzburg

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to John and his partner from your armed response team. Last week we activated our panic button as there was an intruder in our property.the swift response from the two armed officers was amazing.together we hunted down the suspect at the next street. Their bravery and passion was second to none.we are always quick to criticise private security, yet your team were nothing short of brilliant. My parents have been with Amlec for many ,many years and I know for sure that they are in safe hands with you. Please pass this message to those two officers and I hope that this awesome effort that they put in will resonate throughout your business.have a fabulous day.

11/10 Service

"Thanks Amlec for exceptional service and would rate Amlec an 11/10 for services rendered"
Mrs Gasa -

1Joan Retief, Boston College – Pietermaritzburg

THANK YOU for the excellent service we as Boston have received from Amlec since we opened here in Pietermaritzburg in 2003. So it means it is now 17 years and counting! ☺ Kind regards, Joan

Renusha Govender – Central, Pietermaritzburg

Dear Jolene, Thank you to you and your team at Amlec for all the kind assistance and prompt attention during at all times. Every one of you have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty. It was always a relief to know that I was going to get assistance and guidance during the many times that I could not reach the heirs to intervene. The service was sterling. I am however grateful that this transfer has been concluded

Janine Talbot – Speedy Locksmiths – Pietermaritzburg

Many thanks Jolene, Your guys were very professional and all sorted out. Many thanks, Janine

Mrs D.Watson – Montrose, Pietermaritzburg

Please could you praise all of your staff with regards to communication with me at all times, kind, considerate + have amazing patience. So appreciate your service delivery. Thank you all, tremendously, much appreciated. Kind regards + Blessings to all of you, Dinaé

Yugan Govender, Globe Scrap Metals – Pietermaritzburg

Hi Niel, Thank you for your email confirmation of scope of works. Thank you also for your efficient service and professionalism. Regards Yugan

Miles Barnsfield – Pietermaritzburg

I refer to the above properties and the call-out from your control room at 01h00 on Wednesday 15th November 2017. I wish to extend my gratitude to Amlec and compliment Officer Sibu Sokhela for his initiative in identifying and securing the premises at No. 19 Drummond Street, Pietermaritzburg. On my arrival I found the front and rear doors to the premises open, all lights burning and air conditioners running. Thanks to Officer Sokhela the offices were secured at his earliest opportunity.

Mr P.V Naidoo – Pietermaritzburg

I am very impressed with Shonelle Pillay for her highly professional manner in which she handled my problem. She is very courteous and polite and followed-up my problem all the way with timeous contact. It is very nice to know that Amlec has a person who you could speak to and know that she will help you. Well done Shonelle - Keep up the good approach.

Mr RW Gibbs – Pietermaritzburg

“We would like to thank you for your prompt and courteous service over the decades as we took over the home from my father-in-law, Mr J.M. Nicholson who was one of your clients for a long time. We will continue to recommend Amlec Security to friends and family having felt very secure over the last 14 years that we have lived here. Thanking you and your staff.”

Vikesh, Sign Studio – Pietermaritzburg

“Hi Sian, Kiveshan - Thank you for your awesome service !! Its is so great to deal with such efficiency.”

Ella Mertens – Richmond

“Thank you for the excellent service so far. The installers are great.”

D.Abbott – Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg

Dear Neil, I appreciate your call and thank you for the wonderful service I’ve received and not that I’ve need your company it was nice to know that you just a call away. You welcome to use my comment about Amlec wonderful service and Niel’s personal touch. Kind regards, D.Abbott

Mrs K.Watts – Blackridge – Pietermaritzburg

Hi Shonelle, Thanks for the message, much appreciated. I do hope that Barry will be able to sort out what is happening as the Olarm in principle is great and I’ve been very happy dealing with the Amlec control room and armed response teams. The control room people you have are really great and have been very patient and professional, even though this must be quite frustrating for them as well, and it is a huge relief to finally have an armed response time which is acceptable! Looking forward to feedback when available. Kind regards, Kate Watts

The Cellular Workshop -Pietermaritzburg

Hi Jolene, As per our telephone conversation today this email is a confirmation that we will no longer require Amlec services as we are closing up shop. We appreciate the long and good relationship we had with Amlec. We do not know what the future holds but if we require an alarm monitoring service we will definitely look no further than Amlec Security. Regards, Ahmed

Don Smale, Bisley – Pietermaritzburg

We would like to commend your Installer Sbu. He was polite, extremely efficient & worked tirelessly on our alarm system. He is a true credit to your Company & we wish him well for the future.

Mr J.G Elliot – Ashburton, Pietermaritzburg

Hi Neil, We had 2 incidents out at, Ashburton. An intruder managed to get into the property on Saturday evening and the second incident this morning when the tenants in the small cottage accidently set off the panic button. Amlec’s quick response to both incidents was excellent and we are grateful to your team. Many thanks.Kind regards, John

Mr Sewpersadh, Principal TPA School – Pietermaritzburg

May I take this opportunity to place on record my sincere gratitude to Lee for his patience & professionalism. I think he is an asset to your organisation.

Mphiliseni – Bisley, Pietermaritzburg

Hi Ciam As per our telephone conversation I am notifying you of the discontinuation of all Amlec Security Services at Bisley. The cancellation is with effect from Monday 19th February 2018. We have moved to Johannesburg. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Amlec for excellent service we have been enjoying since 2006, even during the time we had a break in on 2016 we had excellent support from everyone. My special thanks to the Control centre staff for their humility and respect at all times.

Mr. Omesh Somaroo – Pietermaritzburg

Compliments to the entire team for the attention given to me with the installation of my Radio Device. All is in order and working well. Regards to Wendy – Shonelle and the Technician. Well done - you guys are a good team.

Carolynn Stilwell, Greys Hosiptal – Pietermaritzburg

I would like to say how happy I am with Amlecs services. They are attentive organised friendly and always concerned for the safety of this clinic. In all the years I have dealt with security firms professionally, this is the first company that have been so efficient in every aspect of their job. I feel honoured and protected every time they phone me. Thank you once again for looking after us.

Mrs C.Pillay – Pietermaritzburg

“We are clients of your company for the past +/- 23 years. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about John. On three (3) occasions when my alarm went off this gentleman responded to the signal within minutes. What a gentleman he is. He responded to :- 1. The first incident when it went off early in the morning about 5:00am and my intercom was not working and to my surprise I just saw him standing outside my kitchen window trying to get my attention whilst I was in the kitchen making lunch. He enquired as to whether all was okay. He checked the yard and then left making sure we were okay. 2. A few months ago a guy jumped into my yard from my neighbour’s side this amazing gentleman again came to our assistance. I explained to him that my daughters and myself were alone as my hubby left for work at 5:50am. He waited with us until the SAPS arrived and took the guy out my yard and he enquired from us as to whether anything was taken and then he left. 3. Again today (26/9/16) a guy jumped from my other neighbour’s yard into mine and again he (John) was there. My daughter was alone at home and he went around the yard and made sure all was well and she then gave him the description of the guy and within minutes he returned with the guy and the stuff that was stolen from my neighbour’s yard. 4. When I got home he was still there waiting for the SAPS to arrive. He is like an angel to us. It is like God came to save his disciples. This gentleman has such a good personality, understanding and he is a real people’s person. He knows how to comfort and treat the public. With that attitude and personality he will go a long way. You are really lucky to have such a person in your employ. If you or any company had a vote for good service he will surely take it throughout the year. ”

Bev Boodhai – Pietermaritzburg

“It was great interacting with some of you telephonically and I thank you for your excellent service.”

Prani Ramnath – Pietermaritzburg

“Heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for your team that worked the night shift between the 2016/07/20 - 2016/07/25. Whilst I was hospitalized I requested for the services of the response service to make visits during each night to my residence. They worked according to my schedule and was very professional in Going about it despite the weather conditions on these nights. One again a very big thank you to you and your team. Well done and keep the passion. ”

Andrew Sheard, Pietermaritzburg

“Many thanks to Neil and his team for the good job.”

Cape Precious Metals – Rob Fisher

“I must compliment you and your company on the extremely high standard of your employers and the workmanship, we at CPM are truly impressed with the efficient work done in repairing our alarm system. Although we are still not sure if the problem has been resolved, we are positive that it has been and shall see with the load shedding scheduled for this evening.”

Hlongwa ZL, Pietermaritzburg

“Thank you and your employees for the immediate response to the armed robbery in my property in Begonia Road in Cleveland. At least my sons were not physically hurt.”

Mercia Buys, Pentrich Road Trust - Pietermaritzburg

“We would like to say thank you for the valued service received from Amlec in advising us on the security at our premises to date.”

Jack Ebden

“Service rates 10 out of 10. Friendly, prompt and effective. Thank you and we will use Amlec again when thru need may arise. ”

Stephen van der Merwe, Pietermaritzburg

“I would like to place on record our thanks for the exceptional support and service provided by Nikki and Charles after the burglary at our residence on the evening of the 5 October 2014. Our family is very grateful.”

Lynn Conolly, Pietermaritzburg

“The Management at Youth for Christ would like to thank Amlec Security for their quick response and assistance to a problem at Khayalethu Girls Shelter in Burger Street on Saturday night (10/05/14). They also notified the Police who assisted. We are extremely grateful to the Response Team at Amlec for their help, it is much appreciated. ”

Sally Eksteen, Big Bay

“Eugene, I have never been more impressed! You're service was quick, clean and very informative. You explained our needs and maintenance of you're work in a way that even I could translate - super impressed with both you're skills and knowledge.”

Belma Hartzenberg, Betts Townsend, Cape Town

“Just a quick note to say well done on the good service I received. I contacted two other companies before you and I am still waiting for them 😉 I will definitely make use of you again in the future.”

Nolan Kotting, Triplepharm Medical Supplies, Cape Town

“Your staff are fantastic and a pleasure to do business with”

Kevin Carmichael, CFS, Cape Town

“Thank you for the good service, you guys were great!”

Omesh Somaroo – Pietermaritzburg

“Thanks for your quick response. Compliments to your technicians for their efficient service. Whilst the technicians were on site they passed on tips on maintenance of equipment which is vital for the long life which is sure to keep consumer costs down.”

Evanee Muniz, Mayors Carwash – Pietermaritzburg

“Thank you for the excellent service. Control Centre is great.”

Principal Basil Manuel, Forest Hill Primary School – Pietermaritzburg

“Please convey my greetings and appreciation to the management, call room personnel and security persons for the professional pleasant relationships I've had with so many during my 18 years as principal of FHPS with them.”

Joan Retief, Boston City Campus & Business College – Pietermaritzburg

“In my view and experience you have a top employee in Rajesh. He is highly professional, very knowledgeable in his field, kind and helpful.”

Richard Norman

“I have used Amlec on two occasions this year for household use and have only received perfect, on time work. Keep up the service.”

Mrs S.Albrightson, Pietermaritzburg

“This morning at about 2:50 am our home alarm went off. The control room phoned and I asked if they could send armed response as I was alone at home with my two kids. When the guy arrived I was pleasantly surprised at his thorough check of our premises. He checked absolutely everywhere and around every corner. He even walked around the outside of our property(which is next to a field) as well up the street and alongside neighbours fences. He could've just checked the garden out, but I feel he definitely went the extra mile. I unfortunately can’t remember his name but would like you to thank him on my behalf. He really left me feeling happier and safer and he is an asset to the company. I know that they are trained and you have certain procedures to follow, but it is still so nice to see job dedication and willingness to help. I hope to have many more satisfactory service delivery from The Amlec Group.”

Lynn Conolly, Pietermaritzburg

“The Management at Youth for Christ would like to thank Amlec Security for their quick response and assistance to a problem at Khayalethu Girls Shelter in Burger Street on Saturday night (10/05/14). They also notified the Police who assisted. We are extremely grateful to the Response Team at Amlec for their help, it is much appreciated.”

Craig Drennan, Pietermaritzburg

“Patricia, A quick note to say thank you for your help in resolving the outstanding issues with the alarm system I realise Amlec went the extra mile, many thanks. ”

Sally Eksteen, Big Bay

“Sam, just wanted to say thanks for the great service. For someone who's new on the job, you exceeded all our expectations. You're service was fantastic and so was you're follow through. Well done!”

Nolan Kotting, Triplepharm Medical Supplies, Cape Town

“Thanks so much for the great service you guys have given us, it really is refreshing to deal with a professional company. Compliments to you and your team!”

Marceleno Volkwyn, Remax, Cape Town

“Hi Melodie, Thanks for your quick response regarding the Rover Road and Milner fence compliances.”

Lynette Visagie, ICDL SA, Cape Town

“Thank you very much Melodie. Appreciate your efficiency”

Mrs L Chetty – Pietermaritzburg

“Thank you, in your type of business these qualities are necessary and you people who have been dealing with, have shown it in abundance. (Women's Day)”

Principal R.Amritlal, Berg Street Primary School – Pietermaritzburg

“I want to express my profound appreciation to you for the great honour which you and your company have done for our school over the years. It speaks volumes of your commitment to our school community. I hereby wish to inform you that I will be retiring at the end of June this year. Your support over the years has assisted me in fulfilling my potential at our school and has made our school one of the leading Institutions in Pietermaritzburg. I humbly request that you continue to support our esteemed Institution so that it can maintain its commitment to excellence and inspire our society. My wish is that your company grow from strength to strength and may God bless you and your family. Once more thank you for your support. ”

Mr Sohail Suleman, Pietermaritzburg

“Job well done by Kyle and Jason”

Rory Jeudwine, Safe Community Pietermaritzburg

“Thanking you & your staff for all the excellent work Amlec Security does in assisting us & the Community, your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Glynis Brown - Pietermaritzburg

“I would just like to take this opportunity to commend Shawn on his professional attitude shown when he responded to our alarm being activated on Tuesday 27th October at approx 9pm. His response time was fast and his search of the property was excellent.”

Bonita Malgas

“We phoned Amlec as a new client and received quick and efficient service within a couple of hours after phoning Amlec. Professional and friendly staff from the maintenance coordinator to the Electricians! We will definitely be using them for all our future electrical needs.”

Craig Drennan, Pietermaritzburg

“Patricia,A quick note to say thank you for your help in resolving the outstanding issues with the alarm system I realise Amlec went the extra mile, many thanks. ”

Nadia Botha, VELO Life, Pietermaritzburg

“Just wanted to say a Huge Thank you to the whole of your team at Amlec. We had an incident this morning with a thief, and we had Rajcoomar and I think his name is Perry come to us. They got here in good time and deal with everything so efficiently and professionally. We are all so impressed and just wish to say thank you especially to those two! Many thanks for everything again.”

Mervyn Bremner, BP De Kuilen, Cape Town

“Hi Mike, I must complement you on the way Amlec Electrical is operated. The Service is excellent right through from responding to requests , quoting and the actual work performed. ”

Retha Van Alphen, Nucleo Technologies, Cape Town

“Melodie Thank you for your assistance and your team”

Mia Louw, Macrolan, Cape Town

“Thanks so much Melodie, Your service has been very quick and efficient.”

Jannie Gainsford, Comtel Communications, Cape Town

“Many thanks for the help and assistance, Thanks for the support on last weeks' call out to Newlands.”

Sonja Hanekom, Medihelp, Cape Town

“Baie dankie vir julle flinke diens vandag, groete”