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The Dangers of DIY Alarm Systems and Private Installers

Tough economic times often means making cut backs. What quicker way is there to save a few pennies than to opt for the cheaper installer. This is fairly simple in saving you money, however when it comes to the safety of yourself and your family it is almost never advisable to use a private installer.
Lower Quality Materials

Private installers might use devices which are generally cheaper because they are purchasing inferior devices or devices that are not suitable or sustainable to the consumers needs and environment. The danger that is paramount and often overlooked is “what guarantee” does the consumer have when this private installer is no longer around and answerable.

All alarm systems require maintenance at some point. If the system has been installed by a private installer chances are there are not very many reputable companies are willing to accept the liability of maintaining a system they had no part in installing. This means should something go wrong you are under pressure to either fix it yourself or call out a reputable company that will want to re-install a quality system which is done by maintaining supplier and industry spec.

Due to a lack of industry policing, private installers are not governed. Do not wait for an insurance claim or worse, a burglary to find out your system is inadequate.

Questionable Installers

Often people have systems installed by private individuals only to find their house has been broken into a few weeks or months down the line. A private individual is accountable to no one but themselves unlike technicians from reputable security companies. This means there is a higher chance of this individual scoping out your home, cataloguing your valuables and then creating a hole in the system they install just to bypass it later and steal your valuables.

Trust Amlec with your security needs instead of taking unnecessary risks with your safety. We are a professional security company who provide not only security systems but installation and 24 hour monitoring and armed response too. Trust certified professionals to install your system correctly the first time around and rest easy knowing your safety is in the hands of qualified professionals.