Compliance Certificates can be a daunting affair. See how we can help.


Why do I need Compliance Certificates?

When you sell a property, the law requires the seller to provide a certificate of compliance in order for the property to transfer (as per the Deeds Registries Act).

Which Compliance Certificates do I need?

Your property may require up to five different certificates: Electrical, Water, Beetle, Gas, and Electrified Fence. The Beetle inspection is required when requested by the relevant financial institution. The Water Certificate is a City of Cape Town By-law, so is not required throughout South Africa. Electrical, Gas & Electrical Fence are required by law for every transfer, however, you only need the Electrified Fence & Gas Certificates if you have these installations on your property.

Why should I use Amlec?

We are reliable, and ensure that we are always up to date with the latest regulations – and ensure and guarantee quality workmanship and installations. We will also save you time and money as you only have to deal with one company for all the certificates you need.


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