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Safety Is Our Priority

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Welcome to the Amlec Group


The Amlec Group has been delivering innovative and quality installations since 1987

Today this innovative spirit and vision embodies what The Amlec Group produces, from electrical and electronic services design and installation techniques to skills development and business systems.

We are accredited by the highest industry regulatory bodies and associations, these accreditations are our highest badges of honour and we honour them by providing the highest service of excellence to our clients in all aspects of our business.

In order to maintain our high standards, we are accredited to several large professional bodies and associations that monitor, train, and certify reputable companies in the electrical and security services industry. Our accreditation range from electrical contractors’ associations to BEE compliance bodies. Our commitment to progress and innovation has led us to join professional associations that provide us with the opportunity to gain and share new skills.

Our Accreditations

National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry
B-BBEE Verification Level 4 Contributor (Amlec Security Western Cape CC)
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B-BBEE Verification Level 4 Contributor (Amlec Electrical Western Cape CC)
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Central Supplier Database for Government (Amlec Security Western Cape)
Central Supplier Database for Government (Amlec Electrical Western Cape)
City of Cape Town – Amlec Electrical Western Cape
Compensation Commissioner Good Standing
Electrical Contractors Registration
WC 00359
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Electrical Conformance Board
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Electrical Contractor’s Association SA (ECA)
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Energy Sector Education and Training Authority (EWSETA)
583ETQA06A2827 (Assessor)
AGO28646 (Assessor)
MGO28646 (Moderator)
Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa
Corporate Member since 2014
Installation Electrician
Master Builders Association Western Cape
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PSIRA (Amlec Security Western Cape)
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PSIRA (Security Officer – M Gossmann)

Certificate 18598873

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SASSETA (Safety & Security Sector Education & Training Authority)
19A02080040 / 19M15540506


SAQCC Detection Commissioner
DGS14/0130 & DGS/19/0103

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Services – SETA Assessor

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